Counselling and Therapy in Dublin and Wicklow

If you are seeking help, often times it can be an overwhelming and humbling experience. Finding a therapist that you can feel comfortable with and trust can be challenging, but once it is a good match, you will be able to overcome the obstacles. With empathy, accountability and respect, we will work together to see the light.

The ethos within the Patrick Plant Therapy practice is to provide a safe, confidential and comfortable space within which the client can freely express their feelings and explore how best to understand themselves in order to reach their true potential and ultimately live a more fulfilled and rewarding life.

The Patrick Plant Therapy practice therapists have experience working with all genders and people of various ages, cultures, backgrounds and sexual orientation.

Our therapists understand and respect that each and every person is different and unique and that each person shares a common desire with all others for health and well-being.

Our shared intention is to support all who come in their desire to achieve that state of health and well-being, to help people through the loneliness, loss, anxiety and confusion which often arise in everyday life