Mindfulness sessions consist of relaxation with music with the facilitator gently taking you through a process from stress and tension, which arise through daily life, to a place where your mind, breathing and body are at one.

You will leave relaxed and with a greater understanding of you and how your mind works. The experience will enable you to use the techniques employed whenever you feel the need to relax and calm the body.

Services Available

Patrick Plant Therapy will assist you through the use of various approaches, which include Person Centred, Cognitive Behavioural, Psychodynamic and Choice Theory to understand, manage and transform unhelpful thought processes, emotions, impulses and behaviours that may impact negatively on your life. The practice approach is integrative, using many approaches to achieve therapeutic equilibrium.

Our duty of care to people who display immense courage and fortitude in the face of very difficult challenges in their lives is ever present.

Effective therapy requires a commitment from both client and counsellor and might involve several sessions before change becomes apparent, with more profound issues requiring a longer term commitment in order for goals to be achieved.

Our services include counselling and psychotherapy couples counselling, relationship issues, grief and loss, bereavement, ageing and retirement, divorce, sexuality, sexual, physical and emotional abuse, narcissism, gaslighting, anxiety, depression, critical illness, suicide, shamanic counselling and practices, havening, family and group facilitation, mindfulness and meditation, and working with dreams.

"It is our mind and that alone that chains us or sets us free."

Yoga Retreats

Frequently arranged to include an outdoor challenge the yoga retreats are held in various locations that provide the opportunity to explore a wilderness area, such as the Spink and Miners village at Glendalough or the rugged terrain of Croagh Patrick. Run Friday through to Sunday, the format would include an introduction and Yoga Nidra upon arrival on Friday

Yoga Nidra is a form of mindfulness and relaxation, an ideal and gentle start to the weekend. Saturday morning would include an outdoor pursuit designed to accommodate all levels of fitness and enthusiasm followed by a yoga class in the afternoon. Sunday before departure there is an open discussion to allow feedback on the experience and give the attendees the opportunity to discuss a topic of the groups choosing.

These discussions are usually very interesting and entertaining and can vary from shopping to self care and everything in between. Tea and coffee on arrival, breakfast on Saturday and Sunday with dinner on Friday or Saturday included. The food is vegetarian and always interesting.

“I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions.”
Stephen R Covey

Motivational Talks

These talks are especially beneficial to teachers, students, sports groups and others, individual or group. The topics vary depending on the group or individual and the participants are free to choose a topic or bring an issue requiring discussion.

Group discussion can be extremely effective, providing as many perspectives on the topic as there are people in the room. Each person is unique and therefore has a view of the world that is also unique. Having the opportunity to listen to the view of others is educational and inspiring.

Outdoor Challenges

The outdoor challenge can be as sedate or as challenging as the group choose with the emphasis on the enjoyment of the experience, bringing to the participant’s attention the beauty that surrounds us as we progress through these wonderful landscapes.

The group are accompanied by trained personnel and move at a pace suitable for all. The focus of the entire weekend is relaxation, mindfulness and self care so the fact that the word challenge is included ought not be daunting, it is not meant to be daunting, however to push ourselves is beneficial. We learn a lot about ourselves in situations outside our comfort zone.